Lauren Wiswall
Lauren Wiswall July 14, 2017

Major New Feature Release

We recently launched an updated version of our software with several new features and improvements to help you deliver coaching to the masses with new template settings, customizable notifications and automated content delivery. CoachLogix can also help you schedule coaching sessions, send surveys, track goal progress, generate invoices and collect payments, and aggregate your coaching data across all your clients or employees so you can generate the reports you need to deeply understand coaching utilization, impact and financials at your company. 

Our new features won't impact your contracted coaches or coachees much - they were mainly designed to help administrators save time creating and managing engagements. The biggest change for contracted coaches and coachees is in the way goals and themes are managed. Themes are no longer required; admins or coaches can optoinally tag the goal with one or multiple themes after the goal is created.

Several new engagement template settings will help you customize and automate your processes. For example, you can now add recipients of files, files, and milestones and attendees to sessions by role on program templates so you and your contracted coaches don't have to add recipients at the engagement level. Another cool new feature, you can assign theme libraries, billing approaches and engagement duration to your templates. And you can control which program items the coach and coachee can see. We also added customizable notifications (with attachments!) that you can optionally schedule to send automatically by email or SMS. Lastly, with our new payment integration you can optionally collect and make payments via Stripe, the new standard in online payments.

Here’s a bulleted list of our most exciting new features:

  • Simplified goal tracking
  • New engagement template settings
  • Customizable notifications
  • Automated content delivery
  • Stripe payment integration

These features will help you save time and avoid the headache of monitoring each individual engagement to make sure it’s moving forward. Visit our support portal for release notes and step by step instructions, and sign up for one of our upcoming webinars to learn more.

Here at CoachLogix we’re committed to continuously improving our product with innovative new features and product improvements. Many of our new features come from client requests, so please keep the feedback coming!