"CoachLogix provides the most advanced coaching management software I’ve seen after nearly 30 years in the industry. The design is beautiful, intuitive and easy to use. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to automate and scale their coaching practice."

Damian Goldvarg, PhD Former President of the ICF

for all coaching practices

Whether you are an independent coach or an organization with internal coaches, external coaches, or a combination of the two, CoachLogix has you covered. Our flexible technology allows independent contractors and organizations to work seamlessly. For organizations that means standardized and measurable coaching across all coaching engagements. For independent coaches, this means one login for all coaching relationships across all clients. Coaches can also add other coaches to their practices and assign them coaching work - just another way in which CoachLogix can help you grow your practice. 

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Stay on top of things

Keep an eye on what’s happening across your coaching practice. Your dashboard will tell you what’s going on and what’s coming up next with an activity feed and real time notifications. See a list of all scheduled sessions and update engagements, send out assignments, handle to-do’s, and view billable activity across all your engagements in one place.


Save time scheduling

Our two-way calendar sync seamlessly integrates with your Google, iCal or Exchange Calendar. Coaches can share their availability with clients, so clients can book sessions directly on their calendar. CoachLogix automatically adds new sessions to your personal calendar to ensure that you’re never double-booked.


Tailor your programs

Package your offerings with coaching programs that differ in structure and length. Create custom roadmaps with sessions, milestones, surveys, assignments, and more. Invite coachees to schedule sessions, access documents and keep an eye on their professional goals and development.


Customized notifications

Custom notifications help you save time managing engagements so you can focus on enhancing the impact of coaching. Customize notifications on engagement templates to add that personal touch to your client experience.

Customized Notifications

Automate content delivery 

Avoid the headache of monitoring each individual engagement to make sure it’s moving forward. Now you can schedule notifications and content to be sent automatically to your clients via email or SMS, including requests to schedule sessions, reminders and follow-ups. You can even automate the delivery of forms, files, and tasks.


goal planning & feedback

Create individualized goals, action plans, request stakeholder feedback and measure progress over time. Create theme libraries to identify coaching themes unique to your client or organization and download goal progress reports to share with clients and stakeholders. Our goal tracking feature generates reports on theme progress across your entire company for easy analysis and comparison.

Goal Planning & Feedback

Create notes and share documents

Our rich-text editor will help you stay organized and prepared for upcoming sessions. It’s easy to edit and share your progress notes and updates with others. Attach contracts, assessments, and other relevant documents to engagements. We integrate with Dropbox, Google Docs, Evernote, and others! 

Create Notes & Share Documents

Easy invoicing and payments

Billing and invoicing has never been easier. Assign billing approaches to engagements and receive real-time notifications anytime you have billable activity. Create and send invoices with the click of a button. Collect payments and pay vendors via Stripe, the new standard in online payments.

Easy Invoicing and Payments



Send custom forms and surveys

Collect and organize information with forms. Create intakes forms, surveys, assessments, evaluations, pre and post-session forms, and more. Send forms to anyone you want, whether or not they have a CoachLogix account they’ll receive an email with a link to fill out and submit the form. Forms can be responded from any device. Aggregated and individual responses are easy to access and download with real time notifications and reports.

Send Forms & Surveys

Comprehensive reporting

Quickly and easily get a clear understanding of coaching impact in real-time. Effortlessly produce, download, and share coaching utilization and financial reports, engagement summaries, progress notes and survey results. Compare data across your , clients, your organization, and across coaches.

Comprehensive Reporting


Have CoachLogix be an extension of your brand by adding your own logo, custom color palettes, and custom branded email messages. 


We Play Nice With Others

Integrate with your favorite tools to streamline and automate your processes. You can check out a full list of integrations here. If you don't find the integration you're looking for, let us know! We're continuously adding more integrations in order to help you run a more effective and impactful coaching practice. 


enterprise ready

CoachLogix is enterprise ready. We support SAML-based SSO as well as Active Directory. We are Privacy Shield certified and have data center locations across the globe. Our Pro and Enterprise plans guarantee a 99.95% uptime. 

Enterprise Ready

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